Why include L'Cartinine in your training Regime?

Why should you include L’Cartinine in you training regime?


We’ve just started taking it and wow, do we wish we had started sooner! In just a week we’ve noticed a reduction in our waistline and feeling generally more focused. We like to go back to basics as much as possible and you can get this great amino acid as part of a healthy diet from meats and fish. But, you might not be getting enough. These days we know that our food is quite processed and even with a clean diet it can be difficult to get everything we need.


That’s where good quality supplements come in. There’s lots of advice out there, so what is right? Our advice is to try something for a month or so first and if you feel and see an improvement, then its working for you. Of course, despite our nutritional knowledge we always head straight to Mark from the Little Supplement Company (Paignton). His knowledge is unrivalled in terms of training and supplementation, there isn’t anything he doesn’t know about how to super power yourself.


So what are the benefits and why are we taking it…


The Pros

  • Helps to burn body fat, particularly around the waist
  • Reduces brain plaques
  • Helps to improve heart function
  • Improves endurance during sports and exercise.

The Cons

  • Tastes bitter
  • Can cause stomach problems so seek medical advice if you have intestinal conditions BEFORE TAKING.


We’ve opted for  liquid form Nutriversam, you can take up to 30ml per day, about 30 minutes before exercise. So far, we can confirm that we’re enjoying taking it (apart from the taste) but you need to be putting the work in in the gym to reap the full rewards. Making sure you’re eating clean and staying in your macros is key to looking and feeling great. We’ve got the Evolt body composition scanner to help with that!


Remember, there’s no quick fix but this certainly helps keep you in tip top form. Interested in finding out more? drop us a DM.

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Join our campaign for more spontaneous self care! We’re excited to be featuring our second colab event on May 21st. Takeaway a bundle of loveliness from Naturefix Eco Store. Stocking a range of beautiful personally curated items that soothe the soul, whilst being ethically sourced so don’t hurt the planet. 


Taking a look around the Nature Fix site is an experience in iteslf. The attention to detail of the products and how they compliment a lifestyle dedicated to living more ethically, shines through. We love the nature fix products,   the Neals Yard remedies creams and lotions are perfect for post workout skin. The no talc powder is superb for soaking up sweat and is great for alleviating chafing. It smells fab too and Mr PB has one in his PB branded kit bag.( £20 available in club to buy)


Our mega buy recommendation is the soap saver scrub bag, handy to pop all your bits of lovely eco soaps in so they last to the end. we stock up on soap bundles, and even have some for our van, the dog has some too!


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If you don’t like the idea of getting naked on the massage table, this is perfect for you. With so many health benefits( as shown in the video linked below) you can’t go wrong. Sarah is doing an introductory price of £15 per session so get booking today.

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