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Getting back to health

With the weather improving, days getting longer and people beginning to emerge from hibernation, we are all starting to think a bit more about shaking off the drudge of the last few months.

Many mums that we know have been juggling work, zoom meetings, home schooling, running the household and extra props to those who have also started a small online side hustle during lockdown too! It’s no wonder we haven’t had time to think about what we might be eating, or how we might be walking more or doing that zoom class!

Critical group contact

Feedback from mums on our socials @pbgym, and out and about locally tell us that energy levels are low and weight gain due to making quick food choices or comfort eating during lockdown is having a big impact on how you’re feeling.

Through our facebook group PB gym members  we’ve been running free classes throughout lockdown to help keep that face to face connection and they have proved really popular. More about that  another day though.

April 12th is calling you

The biggest call to action we’ve had since the Government have announced gyms can open on the 12th April is how much weight people feel they have gained and how unconfident they feel because of it. As a busy family with 6 kids, we know a little about trying to fit everything in and its often our time on ourselves that is sacrificed. That’s why we’re keen to reach out to mums in particular as we know it can be hard to lever in that important me time, often critical for restoring you to cope with what the day to day has to chuck your way.

Mothers day package

As it’s Mothers day on 14th March, we felt it was no better time than to launch our offer to help get more people moving when gym open.

During March and April we’re offering a Trial Month gym membership package for 10 people who would like to get to know the gym. Because we’re cute,  we’ve included a personal training session, lifestyle assessment and Evolt Bodyscan

all together a package worth £50! an absolute bargain for getting back to it. 


See you in April

There is nothing more motivating than working out with others, and we love watching people grow in confidence. I am definitely looking forward to working off the stresses of lockdown with a heavy leg session!

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 12th April.

Drop us an email – , message us on 07464 184 628 or head over to our instagram page.


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