Coaching & Personal Training

Want to Look & Feel better?

Are you wanting more energy to enjoy family activities? Do you want to feel fitter and look better? Do you wish you were able to get into a fitness routine?

Improving your fitness routine whilst having fun so that you can feel better for the long term,  is something our Personal Trainers are great at.

Investing in yourself, and your health is something that’s achievable with a little guidance. 97% of people that use a Personal Trainer 3 times per week, see results with 12 weeks, physically and mentally.

No one was born in the gym, but our personal trainers can help you refresh your health goals.


Mindset coaching, wellbeing mentor and founder of Mental Health Muscle, Aaron is a highly experienced personal trainer who is dedicated and passionate in helping you flourish , whatever your goal.


Personal Trainer


Wendy is your go-to woman for pre & post pregnancy fitness and core rehabilitation.


Personal Trainer


Feeling a few aches and pains? Don’t let it turn into an injury…

Sports & Massage Therapy offered, this will support your ongoing training programme & can assist you in injury management and prevention. If you would like to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

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